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Customs Clearance 


The challenge…

  • From 31st of January 2020 the UK are planning to leave the EU. Brexit (hard or soft) means a return to customs formalities
  • Customs estimate this will generate an additional 200 million clearance declarations per annum 
  • Brexit will expose 145,000 traders to customs processes for the first time
  • Less than half those traders are prepared
  • Customs clearance is likely to cost between £35-55 per declaration
  • Customs clearance infrastructure does not exist to cope with this surge in demand on people and IT
  • Therefore businesses who have not made appropriate contingency plans will be at huge risk of disrupting their daily operations
  • Without taking action now, businesses will have to pay the inflated market rate, extended lead times to clear goods and run the risk of not having the required auditable accreditations in place in time (EORI/TSP)
  • Ensuring the correct Commodity Codes are applied

Our solution

  • Amco is a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium who have invested in the infrastructure required to be able to process all customs clearances from 31st of January 2020 should there be a no deal Brexit
  • As a member of the Customs Clearance Consortium, Amco will guarantee processing of customs clearances for all of its subscribed customers at less than market rates and take responsibility for the clearance process supported by the correct paperwork
  • As a member of the Customs Clearance Consortium, Amco will guide our subscribed customers through the legal and industry requirements for clearing their goods in advance of Brexit
  • The Customs Clearance Consortium is working closely with Customs and Excise to ensure seamless transition after the 31st of January 2020
  • A customer subscription will act as an ‘insurance policy’ to derisk daily operations of your business clearing goods into the UK and provide you with auditable reports to support traceability and your UK legal requirements

BREXIT READY – HOW the subscription works

  • You pay a one-off subscription fee now and this secures access to our customs clearance services
  • This subscription fee funds the infrastructure to enable the consortium to be initially setup and then manage the customs clearances for our Amco subscribers
  • An ongoing discounted clearance fee below market rates provides our Amco subscribers with cost effective clearance services
  • Being an Amco subscriber provides additional services and advice which you may require as part of a no deal Brexit 
  • You also have an opportunity to use our Bonded Warehouse facilities



 An ‘insurance policy’ for no deal Brexit (or any deal that results in customs changes with the EU)


Guarantees a smooth transition with your liabilities covered and a transparent professional service


No additional investment (outside of the one-off subscription fee) from you in resource or infrastructure to meet requirements


There is a high probability your current transport provider is not currently geared up for EU customs clearances


Commercially advantageous customs clearance fees against market rates and capacity 


Suppliers from Europe will be looking to change their delivery terms to DAP

Who is Amco?

Since 1983 Amco has provided reliable and dedicated International Logistics and Consultancy Services across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Our UK and global logistics team include specialists experienced in almost every aspect of worldwide logistics, including many that have previously worked directly in such fields as the automotive, FMCG, engineering, waste and environmental industries.. These skills and long term experience, together with an understanding and appreciation of geographical complexities enable us to think like our customer and provide our clients with the very best advice and logistics service.


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